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 Have you heard about PWA mobile apps?
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30 September 2019
PWA or progressive web app - a hybrid site and application for mobile devices. 

In this article, you will learn what PWA is and why it is a cool feature for business. You can also add the functionality of a progressive web application to an existing site in 5 minutes or create a hybrid site and application from scratch.

What is PWA?
This is a technology that adds application functionality to the site. In the desktop browser, the progressive web app remains a regular site. And when a visitor opens it in a mobile browser, PWA turns into a hybrid site and application.

Let's see how it works. 
The user visits the site and receives an offer to add it to the main screen. If the user accepts the offer, the site icon instantly appears on the screen of the mobile device. After installation, PWA creates a site cache. This solves two problems: it increases the speed of loading and makes the site accessible offline. That is, thanks to PWA technology, the site can be used even without an Internet connection. 

A very important point: as of the beginning of April 2019, only Chrome fully supports PWA, including Chrome for mobile. Other browsers support partially or not at all. This means that when implementing the PWA functionality, it will work for site visitors who use Chrome. In other browsers, your site will work as usual, but the functionality of a progressive web application will remain unavailable or partially available.

And why should businesses use progressive web apps?
All answers to the question from the subtitle can be found in the previous section. We repeat the main points for consolidation. PWAs help businesses:
- get to the user's mobile device bypassing Google Play and other application stores;
- make the site available offline;
- it works even for online stores, but information about executed transactions “flies” to the store when the user has the Internet;
- increase website loading speed on mobile devices;
- send notifications to users.

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