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Hey there. First of all customer review:


We have ios app, android app and web app. The current link to web app (on Amazon AWS):

We have 4 repositories on Github and we have been developing this project for 1,5 years.

This is a social network for pet owners. It is similar to Facebook and have developed IOS, Android and Web apps including mobile versions.

Distinctive features: 
• A well-thought-out UX design, developed from the experience of existing social networks. 
• All inclusive: The complex of works is carried out on a turn-key basis. The customer is given mocapes, a descriptive part, design, programming, layout and testing. 
• Support and refinements are conducted daily by a dedicated team of specialists. 
• Technologies: Web app: .Net, angular, bootstrap, unit & CI tests; Ios app: x-code, objective c; Android app: Android studio, kotlin. 

The offer includes: 
- Team of 5 people, including a project-manager.  
- Test of all three applications (website, Android and IOS).  
- Setting up hosting and development environment. 

- Report via Jira on daily basis with tracked hours.  
- Customize the Productboard to get product reviews from the testers team. 
 - Automatic synchronization of Jira and Productboard. 
- Upload of prototypes and design in Invisionapp for easy feedback.

Screen from Github acc:


Project backend architecture, see the screen:


Notification system architecture, see the screen:


Ios application architecture:




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