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We build mobile apps

During the last 5 years we were involved in more than 25 mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms. We constantly upgrade them on on daily basis! basis! We develop applications for both iOS and Android plartforms and know what needs to be done to make the application work fast.

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For more information about applications and our clients, please check our portfolio.

The procedure of application development is as follows:

  • Taking the order for analysis; 
  • Investigation and market research and analysis; 
  • Preparation of detailed prototype by Figma, Zeplin or InvisionApp; 
  • Defining price and deadlines; you can pay after step by step!
  • Signing an agreement.

Let's see our hourly rates:

iOS developer
$35 per hour
Android developer
$28 per hour
Backend developer / DevOps
$35 per hour
Design and UX
$17 per hour

Let's see a few examples of projects at a fixed price:

Registration, profiles, newsfeed, notifications, groups, events, photos and videos, chat, likes and comments, users migration, stories, ZIP-codes and cities.
Users, authorization, import and management of worked hours, reports, invoices and payrolls.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, contact us and let’s discuss your idea. We will help you to reach your goal smoother, providing all the necessary conditions, including comfortable terms of payment. Contact us now and let’s see how we can help you. 

Our mobile application development services include:

Market analysis and help in generation ideas.
Development of interactive prototype and giving a shape to your order.
Advanced and rapid technology development.
User friendly design.
Development of native and cross-platform (like Flutter) apps.
Application development in short terms upon your request.
Publishing and promotion of your application through our network.

Which kind of technology we use to develop mobile applications?

We develop applications for Android on Kotlin or Java, and for iOS on X-code, Swift or Objective-C. modern technologies only!

We develop mobile applications using Flutter, Xamarin, Cordova or React Native but ask us if it suits you! , which give an opportunity to develop application faster, but makes it difficult for changing various functions and UX elements. Developed applications later are tested via Testflight and Diawi, as well as our highly skilled QA engineers.

If you are interested in collaboration with us, send us your idea or request, and our professional staff will help you with the choice of correct technology as well as the pathway to reach your aim. In order to understand the development approach to your idea or request, we may ask you several questions in order to make correct estimations and define the timeline of project development and implementation.  

To manage projects we implement Jira, Trello or Proguctboard. enjoy the process!

Our team of developers:

Our team consists of 8 senior developer (iOS and Android), 2 QA engineers, 2 engineers for settings on servers and 3 back-end developers.

Mobile application development also includes tracking the development process:

Through Jira environments set by us, you will be able to track the process of development and follow timelines.

Through Usersnap and Productboard you will see the progress and user feedback based improvements. Through Gihub and Bitbucket you will be able to check the code and ensure that it is developed correctly.
Senior PM
MR Group
Now you see that we have a highly professional skilled team, and we provide various platforms, where our customers can follow the process of mobile application development. 

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