Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development
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We provide best iOS, Android and Windows Phone engineers.

       What technologies do we offer? 

Development of mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone.
We offer X-code, Swift, Objective-C (iOS), Kotlin, Java (Android); product management by trello, invision, atlassian, productboard, usersnap, git, github. Incl. Amazon AWS.

       What is included in our service?

  • High-quality, adaptive mobile applications development;
  • Prompt performing: the first prototype is developed within 7 working days;
  • Competitors analyzing and working out of the best solution;
  • Free setting up of analytical systems;
  • Proficiency in "front-end" and "back-end" development;
  • Web hosting serving for one year as a gift;
  • Launching of your app in Apple Store and Google Play with conduction of all the communication.

       What do you get as a result?

  • Working mobile application with an integrated payment system at will;
  • Technical support during the first year of your application;
  • Training in administration and management of your mobile applications.

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